Follow State Platform

Last year the grassroots of Oklahoma created, and passed, one of the most conservative State Platforms in our history.

It is up to us to hold the Republicans in office accountable to it. 

Our laws should be consistent with the peoples voice and our Constitution.

Right to Keep & Bear Arms

The Founding Fathers of this great nation recognized the importance of an armed citizenry. The people of Oklahoma must be able to defend themselves from "threats without and within."

I will always seek to uphold the 2nd Amendment to its full intent!

Local Control for Schools

I believe that the communities of Oklahoma know how best to educate their own children.

It should not be up to bureaucrat agencies who fail to properly filter funds down to the local schools. 

I will seek to give more control to the local schools of Oklahoma.

Protect from 

Government Overreach

Establishment Republicans have failed to defend our rights. In the recent years we have seen the largest tax hike in history, which was also unconstitutional.

Things like this effect the everyday lives of Oklahomans, and I will fight to get government back with in its proper bounds.

Equal Protection for the Pre-Born

Every year in a Republican controlled State, 6,000 unborn children are MURDERED

LEGALLY and complete in compliance to Pro-Life regulations.

I am tired of the political games and will ONLY support legislation that will END abortion and treat the Unborn as humans just like

you and I!

Assist Rural & Local Communities to Thrive

The best way for local communities to grow and succeed, is to decrease government regulations and involvement.

State agencies and establishment politicians DO NOT have your best interest in mind!

The rural regions of this State are loosing their voice, I will seek to give it back to them.

Christian Ford

- OK Senate -