In a letter on his campaign website entitled “Nullification”, Pastor Mike Haines sought to discredit the idea of a state completely ending or “abolishing” abortion without the Supreme Court granting us that authority. I would like to offer my thoughts on his article below.....


The declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.” Our founding fathers clearly understood that if the government fails to protect our God given rights it was the people's right to intervene.


Fundamentally, abortion is the taking of human life. It DIRECTLY infringes on the child’s “unalienable right” to life. So why is abolishing abortion so unpopular, even among those who claim to believe “life begins at conception” and who are “100% pro-life”?

In his article, Pastor Haines claims that the Supreme Court has the final authority to interpret the constitution. Whatever they say goes, “it is a principle part of the rule of law in the USA.”

Really? So what happens if the Supreme Court decided that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to military style weapons and it is perfectly ok to ban them? Is it just a “principal part of the rule of law” and our duty to shrug our shoulders and say “oh well there is nothing we can do” and hand our weapons over? Absolutely not! 

The Supreme Court ruled in Dred Scott vs Sanford (1857) that African Americans did not have the rights and privileges of American citizens. Was it the responsibility of Americans to just accept this gross infringement of African Americans “unalienable” rights? Of course not! And as freedom loving Americans we look back on those who defied this unconstitutional ruling and call them heroes, and rightfully so!

The Supreme Court IS NOT GOD! It DOES NOT overrule our rights as Americans! 

The issue of abortion is no different, both the US and Oklahoma Constitution guarantees the right to life, yet everyday in Oklahoma roughly 20 unborn American citizens are killed each and every business day, their God given “unalienable” and constitutionally guaranteed right to life being denied to them. The Supreme Court has no right to deny these Americans of this right! THIS is why I totally support nullification. It is time for “we the people” of Oklahoma to abolish abortion.


Pastor Haineys makes the case that if we attempted to restore equal protection for our unborn fellow Americans the federal government “would constrain the state government by force” to continue allowing abortion. I find this argument rather ridiculous considering all of the recent states who HAVE nullified federal laws. From so called “Sanctuary” cities and states to our own state of Oklahoma legalizing marijuana States ARE defying federal law. The legalization of marijuana by Oklahoma stands DIRECTLY against the Supreme Court's ruling that substance federally illegal in Gonzales vs Raich.

In my very own county, our Sheriff has ruled that Lincoln county is a sanctuary county for the second amendment, should this right ever be infringed by state or federal law. While I completely support my Sheriff in his effort to protect my God given constitutional right, following Pastor Haines line of thought this would stand in opposition to a “principle part of the rule of law in the USA”.

President Trump has made it clear that abortion is a states rights issue and I’m sure would be supportive of our efforts to end this holocaust.

I think it is abundantly clear with all the precedent set by our own state and the many others who have defied federal law that we will not be seeing President Trump deploying troops to make Oklahoma perform abortions.

Pastor Haines then turns to Romans 13 to defend his case that we should just submit to the government because that’s what God requires of us.... “If the government asks you to perform an abortion or asks you to have an abortion, then civil disobedience is called for, but to rebel against authority for activities of another, would not be in line with Romans 13.”

If we follow this line of thinking to its logical conclusion then our founding fathers were violating Romans 13 by “rebelling” against England. The brave men and women who hid and protected the Jews from the Nazis in Germany were also violating God's word as well. This is simply not true. Both the US and our Oklahoma constitution guarantees the right to life. We are not disobeying God’s Word by abolishing a Supreme Court ruling that stands in opposition to the highest law of the land, the constitution! On the contrary, it is actually our duty as Christians to PROTECT the right to life of our fellow Oklahomans by abolishing this evil. This is what our founders understood and plainly stated in the Declaration of Independence.

Let me be clear we are not calling for a revolt, but simply a return to the basic God given constitutionally guaranteed right, the right to life.

As your senator, I will seek equal protection for our fellow unborn Oklahomans and will fight against ANY infringements of our rights as Americans and Oklahomans! From our second amendment right to keep and bear arms to the right to assemble and free speech I will call on the legislature to defend ‘we the peoples’ rights guaranteed to us in the constitution. I will not continue to explain away the duty to nullify unlawful rulings!

This is why I am asking for your support on June 30th! Together we CAN make a difference at OUR state capital and protect our rights!!!


Christian Ford

Christian Ford

- OK Senate -